Stationery Prices

*All prices are based on standard paper/materials. Any glossy, heavier or double-sided printing will cost more. All Vistaprint prices included VAT and are up-to-date as of the 13th March 2017.

^Vistaprint price is for basic t-shirt only and is restricted to colour white, grey and black with a printing area of just 32x32cm. Our t-shirt printing includes a more variety of colours and a 42cmx42cm printing area. We also offer faster and cheaper delivery services for our t-shirts. Our t-shirts are mostly delivered within 3 working days for just £3.95, whereas Vistaprint’s cheapest delivery wait is 7-14 days, with their fastest delivery costing £11.99 for delivery within 3 working days. Including the cost of delivery our t-shirt printing works out cheaper than Vistaprint. Please visit our online store for our t-shirt range.

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