Web Design

Web Design is our specialist field. The sole purpose of a website is to get people’s attention; whether it be your blog, business or event. Websites grants visitors to more information than what you would be able to give them face-to-face or through TV/radio adverts. In the 21st century more and more people are ditching their TV’s and radios and the internet is now part of our everyday lives. With the increase of smartphones Google has become the new phone book directory.

Through Snake Services, we will transition your business from ‘just being there’ to being EVERYWHERE! With our expert team, we have 10 years’ experience in producing eye-catching, professional websites. With Snake Services, you can sit back and watch your business grow!

Our services are not to exclusive to businesses. We also cater for private clients who need a personal website or web design companies who need to external designers to produce their work. You want a website, but cannot afford one? Well we offer fantastic, competitive website plans. Through our partners we can offer our services at reduced costs than other web designers. We have built up relationships with hosting providers and our plans are the most affordable around. Snake Services offer you the best value for money website services!

We have produced work for many high-profile names, including: David Rush (ex. Sunderland & FA Cup finalist), Jamie Hughes (Top BDO darts player), Mark Grice (One of the UK’s leading Personal Trainers)and Astrid (2018 The Voice Kids UK Star).

Website Management
Web design is only the building of your website but you may need a website management team to keep your site up-to-date or to handle the SEO? Well Snake Services are on hand to help! For just a competitive annual fee we can help look after your website updating your content and keeping your site looking fresh, whilst keeping those search engines updated.

For this type of service elsewhere, you could be looking at high prices, however, we can merge our web design and management prices to give you one cost rather than two – And what’s more, WE ONLY CHARGE YOU FOR THE WORK WE DO! You will not be charged for months we do not work. Our aim is to not increase your costs with needless fees but rather help you to increase sales and keep your savings!

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