Website Domain & Hosting

You need a domain and a web space to host it on. Snake Services works with to offer a complete domain, hosting and email package. No more individual costs, like you get with GoDaddy, offers the best value for money with excellent customer service and having a user-friendly layout.’s basic plan offers more than GoDaddy’s equivalent – including a FREE SSL Certificate. We have used for many years and has become our favoured provider.

Domain and hosting is the largest cost to running a website and you need to make sure you have the best provider. With you have the peace of mind knowing your website is safe and secure.

We can include your domain and hosting plan when we build your website OR you can use our referral code and arrange your domain and hosting yourself while enjoying a discount off your bill (We’ll just take care of building your website!)

See how our basic web hosting plan compares with the other leading providers.

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